Friday, August 6, 2010

The art of using time wisely

Just like our brain, time is too precious a resource to waste. The problem of course, is how can we use it in the best possible manner, since it is an element filled with contradictions; on one hand, we need it to mature thoughts as well as things for us, and yet, we also want to harness it when it's available to us. That mere observation is so overwhelming that we hardly ever handle it as we should. Of course, if we wait idle, time goes away and soon there's nothing left! There's obviously a wise way to do this. We need to start by putting an end to procrastinating and get as many projects as we need underway.
The more we'll be able to handle that, the greatest our harvest will be down the road. Then, day by day, month by month and year by year, we'll tend to our many projects that are queued into our personal pipeline. We'll tweak them here and there, now and then, until they mature to perfection. When one specific issue is ready, we can replace it inside our incubator with one or several new ones, making sure to keep that pipeline as filled up with important issues as we can comfortably tend to. In fact, the fine art of dealing with time resembles more to “farming” it instead of just managing the volatile commodity, and it's why time is so hard to harness well and leverage to our advantage, without always seeming powerless in its face...

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