Thursday, August 19, 2010

The good running form

Some runners look a bit weird and this is probably because they don't run often enough and their general form isn't fully functional.
Except for foot-related problems, like excessive pronation or supination as well as other joint issues, there is no reason for someone to stick out when running. After years of jogging, the body finds a way to adapt and become as efficient as its morphology allows it. As one advances in age, it also become crucial to make the best out of an overall dwindling energy supply.

This is when I make a conscious effort to adapt my skiing theory of “floating through the air” to my running and when I do, it really makes a huge difference. I feel that I literally bounce off the pavement, I feel like flying and really move faster. I suspect that when I focus on “floating” my feet are more springy, I limit my energy expenditure to what's necessary and my joints feel far less impact. But again, all this is where it should be – inside my head!

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