Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making a deal happen...

Doing business used to be easy and straightforward and even though I'm now sort of “retired” I have spent the last 16 months working almost full-time in an effort to put a business deal together; it's only yesterday that we successfully concluded it, not before I came across some 42 interested parties. What happened is a perfect reflection of today's economy. Speaking of the War and the Royal Air Force, Churchill used to say that “Never was so much owed by so many to so few...” I could almost paraphrase him by saying “Never was so much work produced talking to so many folks for so little result...”

Out of that army of 42, and aside the usual “curious” and “lookers,” many were genuinely interested, but when the money question was put on the table, they all faltered; it wasn't that my price was unreasonable or too high, they just didn't have the money. They were bled, they were dry. Which goes to say that our economy is really in bad shape and that beginners in all fields should not refrain to replying to any business opportunity. Today, I feel relieved, but what a long year it's been!

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