Saturday, August 14, 2010

The house takes a shower...

This year, we've decided to clean the house from head to toe, from the roof down to the gutters and and all the way to the ground. I'm talking about the exterior. You see, Utah is so dusty, gets hardly any rain and when it precipitates it's just snow, that a shower every two or three years is no luxury.
In fact, we had never done it so extensively since we repainted the house five years ago. It took us two days to get the job done, going up and down the roof, moving ladders around, washing everything in sight with high pressure water, getting everything out from the largest bird poop to the smallest spider web. This exercise, like meticulously washing a car gives an intimate understanding of a dwelling since no single square inch and none of its nooks an crannies can escape scrutiny. This way we can see what has deteriorated, gotten bad and need fixing. A general home check-up!

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