Monday, August 23, 2010

Living vertically

As a mountain native, I've always liked to be on top of something and be able to discover vistas and experience the sense of freedom that comes with being somehow elevated. I don't feel well when I'm stuck in plains or at the bottom of some pit. My first reaction is to get some altitude. This feeling is analogous to flying or to climbing that both provide an undeniable sense of liberation from the tyranny of gravity and a bird's eye view. In the past few days, as I was repainting the exterior trim of our house, I did a lot with ladders and got my share of hanging at 27 feet over the ground. I got very good with moving these climbing tools around, climbing them up and down on multiple occasions and always making a point at staying very concentrated the whole time as falling down is absolutely not a good option. I enjoyed the exercise, it stimulated me and I felt sad last night when I had to put my collection of ladders away...

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