Sunday, August 1, 2010

Running along the Bay

I've always enjoyed running around the San Francisco Bay. For one thing, we never have to run in the streets; instead, we look on the map for a parking spot by the Bay, which gives us access to the running path that circumnavigates the huge body of water. This always makes for a very pleasant run. The morning fog keeps everything cool and comfortable and besides a small amount of humidity, which brings up all kinds of scents.

It never gets too hot and uncomfortable, especially in the early morning. I've never run there in the spring time, so I never had a chance to experience the scent of the season, but instead, I've always been there in the summer and in the fall season, when the vegetation is already past its prime and beginning to rot. The smell is quite unique to the area and has made its mark for decades inside my memory. This time, we've been running east of the Berkeley Marina and that was another enjoyable five mile course alongside the Bay...

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