Monday, August 30, 2010

My Sunday in India...

Recently, my wife reminded me that I had not been on the phone with India or the Philippines for quite a while. She was absolutely right and, of course, was alluding to these long technical support sessions for remedying problem with computers, cameras and the like, that are always funny because neither the tech nor myself understand each other and that invariably blow my top in the process!
That was until yesterday
afternoon; a few days before, I finally stepped up to buy a wireless printer so we could print something noteworthy from different spots in the house conveniently and without wires. Little did I know that this would be opening a monumental can of worms...

After unpacking my new toy and following the quick installation set of instructions, I slid the disk in my drive and discovered that I was for Windows 7 only and not Vista 64 bits that I run on my desktop. I called tech support, got transported to India and spent the next one hour and a half on the phone with a local guy. We got the wireless set up on my desktop and after lunch, I began all over again with my wife's laptop and my notebook that both run XP. All told, I spent the whole day setting up a $150 printer which would be worth much less than my time if I only was paid $20 an hour! I've decided that after that little incident, I was done talking to India or anywhere else in Asia between now and the rest of the year!

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