Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crossing Nevada

Recently, we drove through the State of Nevada both ways on Interstate 80. Each way is about 340 miles long. We've done it several times, mostly on the same route, and once to the south on Route 50 rightfully dubbed the “loneliest road in America.” Even though the scenery is quite varied between Salt Lake and Reno, this is not an exciting itinerary, with only few places of interest in between the two cities. It starts with the exit to the Bonneville speedway, just before the gambling city of Wendover, at the gates of Utah, then Wells, a glorified truck stop, followed by Elko, the gold mining city, Battle Mountain, a Shoshone reservation and Winnemuca then Lovelock end up punctuating the lonesome drive.
Of course, as we get near Reno, we pass the Mustang exit and its infamous “ranch” that has been so much in the news in recent years. Shortly thereafter there's what's nicknamed the The Biggest Little City in the World that come in sight at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Today, as we are still in the midst of the “great recession” Las Vegas' little sister appears sad and uninviting, crowning the drive monotony. Yet, with all the boring aspect of the journey, time and miles tend to fly very fast at more than 70 mile an hour on average...

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