Thursday, March 15, 2012

French (?) world-class athletes

It's a well known fact that highly-paid French top athletes as well as show business stars don't reside in their home country. They prefer the French speaking region of Switzerland because of far less taxing fiscal policies in the land of fine chocolate and luxury watches. Yet, they have no problem competing on behalf of France when duty calls. Recently, I saw the video of a TV show making fun of that situation by using the recent Tennis Davis Cup as an example, in which all the players and even their coaches are all Swiss residents and yet compete for France.

Without bringing too much weight into that discussion, I'd say that by evading the French taxman, these athletes are shifting more tax burden onto their fans and are just a bunch of sleazy cheats. As a result, there should be a rule in which French sport federations disallow non-residents to represent France in sport events, unless they reside in the country in which the play for a club, in the case of team sports. Simple, fair and a just end of hypocrisy!

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