Friday, March 23, 2012

Skiing with my significant other

My wife and I ski a lot and each one benefits greatly from the experience.

If I can speak for her, she gets a bona-fide ski instructor at her service to show her the way no matter where she happens to be on snow and she never has to make the decision “where should I go next?” She also benefits from what I believe is the perfect image of what skiing should be, so she only has to copy what she sees.

From time to time, she also get free advice and which woman doesn't love getting recommendations from her husband (ha, ha, ha!)? Of course, unlike a paying client would, she takes the liberty of dissent or second-guessing her guide, sometimes making stark remarks, but who could take that against her?

From my standpoint, I have a great ski companion always willing to accompany me on my sliding adventures. She also forces me to behave when I'm on ski; like take as little risk as possible, remind me that I'm light-years from my 20s, 30s, or even 40s, make me think a lot about technique and allow me to discover new angles in the sport of skiing that I never suspected existed and that can enhance the whole experience.

Bottom line: A true win-win proposition. I only only hope that she will reciprocate when I'm a centenarian. She'll only be 96 then!

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