Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jesus' political views...

Yesterday was my lucky day. When I returned from skiing, Jesus was on Skype and we talked for a few moments:
 Go 11: Hi Jesus,
Jesus: How was skiing today?
Go 11: Pretty good, we only stayed till noon thought. It's spring skiing now.
Jesus: I wouldn't have the slightest idea what spring skiing is. Remember, I wasn't on the Nazareth ski team! What's on you mind today?
Go 11: Just wanted to know you opinion about the Republican Candidates in the U.S. Primaries; have you followed that contest?
Jesus: Actually a little, because three on these guys are continually dropping my name for no good reasons. At first, I kind of liked Tim Pawlenty, but I guess he didn't make it. The four guys left look pretty bad in comparison...
Go 11: What do you think of Romney?
Jesus: He acts like a robot and sounds like a... Mormon missionary – Just kidding!
Go 11: Santorum?
Jesus: Dumb and useless.
Go 11: The two other fellows?
Jesus: Well I kind of like Gingrich, he sounds like an old car salesman and he's fat like Santa Claus, but I can't stand his new wife, what's her name, Calistoga?
Go 11: No, Callista, but that's alright...
Jesus: As for Ron Paul, I think he's getting delusional. That might be the age... Who did you vote for ?
Go 11: I thought I told you Jesus, I am an independent...

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