Monday, March 12, 2012

Living the dream

Yesterday, as I was riding the 6 pack Tombstone at Canyons with 3 other passangers, the pair in the middle was boasting about their achievements and the excitement was high; they were talking about going down this run, then that run, and then this other one. "Oh Dude, what a fun day!" they were saying. Suddenly, one of them said: "I wonder if there's a cheaper way to fly here?" The other went: "What did we pay? $280, $300? That's not bad!" Wisely, his buddy responded: "I guess, we'll have to make more money!"
 Then the fourth passenger, who was a ski patrol, jumped in and said "...and you've seen that place when there's powder!" He went on to say that like his 2 other fellow passengers he was from Chicago and (unlike them) was "living the dream" and proceeded to tell them once more how great Park City was. Then one of the two visitors said: "We've got to come back and ski Deer Valley and Canyons..." Yeah, one step closer to "living the dream!"

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