Monday, March 26, 2012

“Oil slick” on snow

On Sunday as we were about done skiing, I suddenly sensed that my right ski wasn't sliding right. In fact it was dragging me back and when I lifted it, I instantly picked up speed from my still performing left board.

It was such an abominable drag that I thought I might have run over a very aggressive piece of rock that had torn apart my entire base, then when I looked up more closely, I saw some grease smudging the entire yellow sidewall of my ski.

I instantly understood that I must have skied over a huge “oil slick” left behind by the snow cat while grooming the run. I still rode up the chairlift and stopped at the top to discover that one-third of the base of my ski was covered with grease. I undertook to empty my pockets and fortunately found a good supply of paper tissues that I rubbed against the base to absorb all that gooey stuff.
Now tell me, should I sue BP or accept their settlement?

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