Friday, March 30, 2012

GoPro frustrations

Using a GoPro video camera is subject to both elation and frustration. When it works, the results are pretty cool. When it doesn't, for some arcane reason, it's immensely frustrating. When it functions properly, this wonderful video camera deliver the goods, but setting it right and getting feedback that it is in fact recording, are the downside of the device.

First, the instructions for using the device were made by engineers for engineers, not for normal folks like you and me who look at them, but won't read them from A to Z. Last night after missing two great shots while skiing with my daughter yesterday, I brought the printed directions to my bedroom, but when I started to unfold the piece of paper (it spreads out like a huge map, not even a little booklet) I fell asleep.

I need to remember to take them with me, next time I catch a “red-eye” flight to Europe; it beats “Ambiant.” Early this morning I found a ton of tutorials on Youtube. That says a lot about the user-friendliness – or lack thereof – of any product. Perhaps that 16 month after owning the helmet cam, I'll finally learn how to use it!

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