Thursday, June 30, 2016

Between the rocks and the hard place

Last week, I splurged on 5 tons of pebbles, ranging from 2 to 5 inches in size, as I wanted to play landscaper and fix a number of areas around my house that I felt had been poorly addressed by the pro hired to do the job two years ago.

So, last week, a big dump truck came to the house and dropped my mineral purchase next to the driveway. Since then, I've been handling rocks almost everyday.

At this point, I must have spread half of the pile around my house and my wife remains confident that we can find some good use for the entire delivery. I would agree with her assessment, but now begin to question the size of the task as it relates to my aging body.

Still I enjoy doing that job and remain confident that I will see the pile wither away. Not much thinking is required for that job, just a tiny bit of patience and some basic puzzle skills (you don't just dump the bucket and walk away, you must make sure these little pebbles dovetail nicely). Don't forget a never-ending stamina to push the wheelbarrow or carry the heavy buckets of stone.

Oh, by the way, I sleep soundly at night!

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