Monday, June 27, 2016

Who should be Hillary's VP?

Today, the New York Times came up with an interesting challenge: “Articulate in 150 words or less whom Hillary should choose for VP if you were part of Mrs. Clinton’s inner circle?”

Interesting, right?

So here is a preview of my take on the vice-presidential pick:

“Mrs. Secretary of State, your only solid choice is to pick Bernie Sanders and convince him to become your running mate. He will complement you perfectly and bring the formidable boost of energy that will make your campaign a guaranteed winner and your election a landslide victory.

Picking Mr. Sanders will also greatly influence the make up of both Chambers of Congress and will give you the support you need to lead the country and implement your agenda. Bernie will bring you the youth that you're so sorely lacking and will also guarantee that his supporter won't shift their allegiance for the Vermont Senator to Trump, or simply choose not to vote.

Bernie Sanders' age will also make you look appear much younger and his presence will add to the credibility and trust you are sorely lacking. A joint Hillary-Bernie ticket will simply be irresistible!”

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