Sunday, June 26, 2016

French bashing?

Last night we watch a good documentary about the love-hate relationship that prevails between the French people and both the Americans and the Brits.

I certainly can relate to that movie since I chose to move to America four decades ago. For one thing, I made sure to make no wave, swallow my pride, subdue my worst French traits and go with the flow.

People I worked and came in contact with generally gave me the benefit of the doubt once I had proven my mettle, but some choose to hate me as I could have expected. I had to come up with a constant barrage of questions regarding my accent, my opinions and my origins.

This said, what I had to do to succeed was work at least twice as much and two times better as my American counterparts. Less would have given me a mediocre place in life if it wouldn't have secure my return trip to France.

On top of that, it wasn't just me, it was also my wife who was French and had to endure the same ordeal. Today, we both will admit that thriving in America was very, very hard work!

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