Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's in a name (continued...)?

Vail Resorts would like to trademark the words “Park City” as they apply to the name of a mountain resort.

To me, this is pretty audacious and this brings back to memory the 88/89 ad campaign from the Park City Chamber of Commerce that ran under the “Park City, Colorado” headline... How ironical!

Of course, if someone should seek to trademark “Park City” it should be our own city itself, certainly not Vail Resort. What's our City Council waiting for?

If Vail Resorts is so paranoid about its intellectual property rights, it should rename “Park City Mountain” to “Vail West” or even perhaps “Über Vail” to keep up with the original resort's fake Austrian theme and recognize that the new Utah resort is now better than its original creation!

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