Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit: Surprising, yet logical

I'll start with the riddle: What's the difference between involvement and commitment? It's just like eggs and bacon; the chicken was involved but the pig was committed.

So was the relationship of the UK within the European Community: Some involvement but certainly no commitment. No commitment on the Euro, no commitment either on taking the full burden of membership, the feeling of being so “special” as if the United Kingdom was entitled to special treatment...

This lack of commitment spoke louder than the Brits' paper membership into the EC. It spoke volume to the electorate too, that got the message loud and clear and was tired of this double-talk from their own politicians.

Will Brexit it break the EC's back? Not at all; they were simply an impossible partner to live with; life will go on very well without them. One positive side effect is that it will be a warning for the Brussels's bureaucrats and other EU MPs to get off their asses and start working seriously for the good of their constituents, if they're are to keep their plush jobs.

Will it free the UK from an undue burden? Probably not, it will just make everyone's lives more miserable, especially the British “expats” living the good life in Spain, France and Italy, having their cake and eating it too; the gravy train will be coming to a screeching halt for them!

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