Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Brexit and the French Alpine Colonies

This coming Thursday is Brexit day and I'm wondering if the Brits will bail out and revert to being insular, special and very independent.

I doubt they will have the guts to do it but would love them to exit the EU, at the very least to teach them a lesson (just kidding!)

First, these guys want just the advantages and none of the constraints the Union brings forth; they spat on the Euro, invaded the French ski resorts and have priced locals out of owning real estate unless their family still has some left. 
With very exceptions, these guys won't mix, speak French and share their lives of the indigenous population. They also live in perfect self-sufficiency, bring their plumber from London, their ski instructors from Scotland and abuse the French Social benefits.

They are the perfect parasite and manage to survive because some local businesses are still making hay out of them, but this shallow profiteering is counted. Fellows from the U.K. Why don't you make a last bow and exit the French Alps?

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