Sunday, June 5, 2016

Where's my guaranteed basic income?

If I had lived in Switzerland, I might be disappointed that the guaranteed basic income referendum failed to pass.

With it, I would have received $2,555 (sf 2500) a month for doing strictly nothing and if I still young kids there would have been another $610 (sf 625) for each one of them.

In reality, I probably would have voted against the idea, unless the monthly paycheck had come with 40 hours of compulsory public service for all.

That's the way I feel. Even in Switzerland where everything seems almost perfect, there's plenty more that can and should be done, so why not put everyone to work.

This public service would be payed according to the individuals experience and qualifications, when possible folks could opt for the jobs that there are most inclined to do.
There's so much to do, from infrastructure work, to all kinds of social services, all the way to health care. Right, taxpayers would foot the bill, but at least they might get their money worth!

This is the only way such a great social program could make any sense and get the support of all!

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