Saturday, June 4, 2016

Traveling through life...

From the time we're born and are begin to understand life, we have basically three options.

The first one is to go with the flow and let life, our surroundings, family, friend and foes decide for us. We'll eventually get to the finish line, but we won't have any control at all and the whole journey might not always be that fun.

Another way to handle our voyage through life is to make choices as we reach one fork 0n the road after the other. Some choices will be better than others and if we learn anything about the process, we might train ourselves in making better choices as we go on and get more practice. This path is likely to be more rewarding and may also give us a greater sense of control and accomplishment.
The third way to travel through our existence is to seek what we want to do, what we prefer most, where we want to go, how we want to live, never be afraid to try something new and try to resist settling for second-best. This is the most adventurous and most exciting way to complete the course.

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