Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vail's trademark circus

Vail Resorts' stupid idea of trademarking the name Park City has rocked the community and has revived the anti-Vail sentiments that have hovered over town ever since the mega-resort finally acquired Park City in 2014. In fact the fight has just intensified in recent days.

Bill Rock, the new general manager of Park City Mountain didn't know the can of worms he would open when he followed its corporate marching orders and dared to float this trademark fiasco.

Of course, I believe that the move was totally egregious and plain dumb for the Colorado company to try to gain control over the name of its brand-new host community, but doing so when a large number of Parkites had not yet gotten over the fact that Vail prevailed (no pun intended) in the epic battle (ditto) between Cumming and Talisker, was simply unforgivable.

Not to mention the fact that it was foder for local politicians (like former mayor Dana Williams) to usurp the situation and get some exposure out of it. There is still a large portion of Parkites that are still incensed about Vail's taking control of their ski areas and won't forgive the giant resort for its sin of reducing two resorts (Canyons and Park City) into one larger one by interconnecting them.

Mr. Rock should have known that change alone was far too progressive for most Parkites and that their previous pains required at least a decade to fully get healed. Maybe Vail should have trademarked Utah instead?

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