Saturday, June 25, 2016

The most populated ski town in the world

To my knowledge, there is no larger ski town in the world, from the standpoint of total year-round residents than Park City, Utah.

Next in line would be Davos Switzerland with 11,500 inhabitants, then Whistler, Canada, at about 10,000 and both Chamonix, France and Kitzb├╝hel, Austria with around 8,500 people each.

Our community of Park City has fuzzy boundaries, though. First, there is the incorporated City of Park City where I live with its 8,500 population that manage to sit in the middle of a developing sprawl, also using a Park City address.

So here you have it: The small, original city of Park City with its 8,500 people and its 84060 zip-code, surrounded by cluster of neighborhoods that are borrowing our Park City name for recognition and for boosting real-estate values, just with a slightly different zip-code, 84098.

Park City is also the name of the school district that serves the entire community. This surrounding area adds more than 17,000 people to our City population and when all is tallied, people who claim to be "Parkites" are about 26,000 strong.

Together, we're all part of Summit County, Utah. Our population represents two-third of the entire County that is around 40,000 year-round residents.

This is relatively underpopulated when I compare the 1,882 square miles of the country with the 1,695 square miles of Haute-Savoie, the French Department I was born in, and its 800,000 population!

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