Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Women's ski boots...

A few days ago, as I was leaving the Park City underground parking, I caught a glance of a bumper sticker I created some 33 years ago. I had totally forgotten about it and it was - I guess - my lasting legacy with Lange ski boots.

Back in those days, Lange boots had a narrow last combined with a cardboard thin “flow” liner that were notoriously uncomfortable with anyone unfortunate to have a wider foot, and that anatomical specificity was true of most women skiers.

In 1983, a book in vogue was “Real Men don't eat Quiche” and since we didn't sell tons of women ski boots because of their (almost) legendary lack of comfort, I decided – as a still young marketer – to paraphrase that best-seller and at the same time, inject some testosterone into our advertising offering, touting the image of aggressive and expert women skiers.

Did it work? You bet! I got promoted from marketing manager to vice-president of sales and marketing within the next 12 month and never, ever looked back...

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