Monday, October 10, 2016

Adolf Trump

Trump is demonstrating that bullying, name calling, interrupting and general misbehavior works in trampling over members of a civil society that doesn't play by the same rules.

To use a much fashionable qualifier, he's a “disruptor”. This said, what a disgusting example he sets for our youth!

Usually bullies sprout during teenage years and remain in someone's thirties. With Donald, it spans into the seventies.

He's already trampled his 16 primary opponents in that way and still seems to believe that his method will also work in annihilating Hillary Clinton.

It's time to call him for what he is: an out of control bully, a big, filthy mouth, an utterly rude person and someone who belong alone, on a deserted island or, God forbid, a totalitarian leader in some banana republic without any checks and balances.

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