Thursday, October 20, 2016

Trump's last (?) stand

Last night, during the last 2016 Presidential Debate, Mr. Trump looked like he had picked up some bad sushi off a nondescript food truck standing on the Las Vegas strip.

Sure, debates are not an egomaniac's cup of tea, because there is an implicit need to share and transact back and forth. He was nasty and incoherent as usual and became more so as the evening wore on; at that point, he resorted to his trademark, usual verbal abuse towards his opponent.

I'm not even mentioning the fact that he's not sure he'll accept the outcome of the election, which is another topic altogether that clearly demonstrates that losing is out of the question for a “winner” like him. The net result is that he was so consistently bad that he made Hillary look great, smart and presidential.

The more he opened up his foul mouth, the better she looked... I was right all along, it must have been some foul sushi.

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