Friday, October 28, 2016

Four decades of U.S. Presidents

We have almost lived in America for 40 years and during that time, have lived under six American Presidents, so yesterday, as we were talking politics as usual, we decided to grade each one of them, including of course, the two candidates currently battling for the job. Here are the results:

Jimmy Carter: We were not to impressed with him; first, the man couldn't articulate and his southern accent made it impossible to be understood. I guess, he fell into the job by accident and epitomized the aphorism: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” We gave him 3 out of 10.

Ronald Reagan: The consummate Hollywood type, actor and used-car salesman. We kind-of fell under his charm but were not dupe when he got in trouble with the arm-for-hostages scandal. He talked his way through becoming a legend for the American Right and the 5 out of 10 we gave him is definitely overrated.

George Herbert Walker Bush: We though he was a decent man. He was quick and efficient in prosecuting the invasion of Kuwait and did not attempt to open a can of worms by going after Saddam Hussein. We gave him 6 out 10.

Bill Clinton: This was the first president we were offered as a choice when we became U.S. Citizens, but we preferred Ross Perot twice over him. We couldn't trust the guy, we thought he was a phony and just like Carter, were not fan of the southern drawl. We gave him 4 out of 10.

George W. Bush: At first, he looked like a deer caught in a car headlights, but very soon become a crazy warmonger, fueled by his born-again-Christian beliefs. He earned his war-criminal status with about 150,000 deaths on his conscience. We gave him 2 out of 10.

Barack Obama: We fell for his intellect, but soon realized that he was parachuted into a job for which he was lacking some critical skills. He tried hard, but tried alone, and was blocked every which way because of the color of his skin. He did a terrible job with Syria and let Putin take over. Because of the latter, we can only him a 6 out 10.

As for the following two characters, these are mere projections:

Hillary Clinton: We never liked her and wouldn't have voted for her if the Trump monster didn't exist. She has experience though, but is untrustworthy and by having her – if she wins – we'll stand still. We gave her 5 out of 10.

Donald Trump: Was fun to watch when he bashed his opponents during the primaries, but quickly turned into a monster and a dangerous agitator. He has all the ingredients to become a new Putin and for this alone we give him the minimum, 1 out of 10.
Now, you know everything about the dismal state of leadership in American politics. We certainly can do much better!

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