Sunday, October 16, 2016

Staying in touch against all odds...

Without tooting my horn, I feel I'm a great communicator and that 95% of my friends or relative are just terrible at it. The reasons are many.

First, I'm keeping a low profile, I'm not a socialite either and I'm no longer involved with a regular profession.

Then, I'm living far away from my European family and friends from 40 years ago. All this makes for a perfect storm in which I could be totally forgotten if it were not for my diligent efforts of staying in touch and for actively participating in social media like Facebook.

Isn't it a huge paradox to remain out of touch when the means of communication have never been so quick, ubiquitous and affordable! For years, I have made countless effort in reaching out to my old friends and family, and I've got virtually nothing in return.

Sure, I didn't do it for the reciprocity, but would have appreciated to see that I wasn't the sole protagonist.

This said, I'm clearly convinced that most folks get so absorbed by their day-to-day life that they'd need 36 hours in a day, also that many of my contemporaries are slowing down so much that they get mentally paralyzed and are practicing for dementia.

With everything conveniently blamed on time-poverty, my situation is far from being unique and I should get used to it. As for you, how clear and busy are your communication lines?

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