Thursday, October 13, 2016

Way to go Bob!

I've always loved Bob Dylan, ever since I was a teenager in France and couldn't quite understand what he was singing, but somehow recognizing that he had something important to say. saw him perform in Park West in the late 80s.

Interestingly, I didn't know that Dylan was performing in Park City that night, but a few days before that, I was sitting next to his mom, Mrs. Zimmerman, in a flight between Minneapolis and Denver; she told me that she on her way to see him play in Colorado Springs, and that the next night, he'd be in Utah!

I was nicely surprised and delighted when I heard this morning that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize. His songs have touched me greatly and, most importantly, they touched millions of folks like us, including the entire intellectual and poetic world. It's good to see that the Swedish Academy is not a stiff monolith that can't see literature beyond the printed word.

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