Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The United States of Hypocrisy

As usual, an election season is a good opportunity to be reminded that if we are good at entrepreneurship or innovation, we're also excel at hypocrisy.

Look at tax “avoidance” as a prime example of our efforts to try to pay as little tax as possible in order to skirt our fair share of participation into programs that are intended for the good of society.

Then, there's charity. If giving was not tax-deductible, you would see philanthropy as a whole take a huge dive!

Next, there's racism that was supposedly eliminated; for the past 8 years, Obama has been obstructed every which way by a congress that couldn't quite live with his skin color and cops have continued their lethal “shoot to kill” tactics, not counting on the ubiquitous cell phone videos.

Democracy? Well in our mercantile society, it's just pay to play and big money has never been so prevalent over the people's voice.

Of course, there is religion, with our national act of face “In God We Trust” printed on banknotes (I've always wondered why the US Treasury did not demand the same slogan on my Visa or American Express card?)

I won't even go into the unceasing contradictions exposed by our Presidential candidates; I've already covered that subject ad nauseam.

Finally, there is freedom that used to be an elastic value when the CIA was propping up the Shah or ousting Allende in exchange for Pinochet. We also hold another bad record in that department with the highest prison population in the civilized world...

If Hypocrisy was an Olympic sport, we'd beat everyone else by a long shot. By the way, if you're not American, how is hypocrisy doing in your country?

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