Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Those who support Trump...

Supporting a cause or an individual always comes with a strong conviction, either backed up by some hard facts and observations, or by sheer belief into what that person tells.

Donald Trump is excellent at coming up with predigested concepts and ideas that are, in most cases not backed up by strong evidence. His luck is that he his very smart and skilled enough to reduce his philosophy into very short, simple, understandable and attention-grabbing messages that he delivers flawlessly.

Of course, it takes people with little critical sense, education or intelligence to accept what they are told and feel so elated by their leader. Generally, most of these folks have been prepped by deep religiosity, including early and intense brain-washing, and have always been told never to question dogma.

This is in my view why Trump has been able to garner almost 40% of the intentions of vote from a large group of fanatics, and this paint a rather dismal picture of America and its far-right, super-religious electorate.

So come hell or high water, this part of the population is too radicalized to change its mind and will follow its leader off the cliff or take arms for him if nothing develops as planned...

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