Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Baby-boomers last hurrah?

As a baby-boomer, I've always been partial to my generation and strongly believed that we couldn't do anything wrong.

We were the essence of change, the social revolution and would remain the bright future of society until death would get us out of the way. In America, the category includes individuals born between the years 1946 and 1964, which means people like me, aged between 52 and 70 today.

Our generation has been known for rejecting or redefining traditional values. In Europe and North America, however, we've been lucky to grow up at a time of widespread government subsidies, good education, full-employment and general affluence.

As a group, we also felt they we were the very best on the account of smarts, wealth or fitness, and strongly believed that the world would keep on improving with us and with time. Again, we thought of ourselves as a special generation, very different and much better from those that had come before.

On the flip side, we're often accused of the increased and excessive consumption that the world accounts for, including a humongous carbon foot-print.

Today, as the standard bearers of our generation happen to be both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it's time to look at ourselves in the mirror, take a deep breath, observe the caricature we've become, look back and try to understand where we must have gone wrong along the way.

Thank God, the Gen Xers and the Millennium generation are now taking over!

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