Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The power of salesmanship

Last week, I got that call from my insurer's assistant, summoning me to come to their office for a “review”.

I told her that I wasn't interested in coming to that office, especially in view of the fact that after living 31 years in Park City as a State Farm's client for 40 years, I had never, never, never met my agent in person. I had only met his predecessor, very briefly when I moved to town, just before he passed away.

So my next question was to wonder if my agent even existed? I suggested that rather than going to HIS office, he'd be awfully nice if saw me at MY home, just to see how I looked like. Well, my insurance agent held me to my word and showed up at my house the next day.

This good Mormon was extremely amiable, just flattering enough and such a good salesman that he pivoted from the uncaring man I thought he was, to someone that was able to show me and prep me to consider one of his extra products.

I must say that I'm a sucker for good salesmanship and we'll see in a few days if he is able to turn a cynic into an eager buyer!

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