Friday, February 24, 2017

My old Honda snowblower

We purchased our Honda snowblower back in November of 1990 for $1,418. Twenty seven years ago this was quite a bit of money and today, the same machine would at least set me back some $2,800.

Sure, there are plenty of cheaper machines around starting in the $1,000 range, but would they last as long as my old, red Honda blower has lasted ? Probably not.

When I bought it, I wanted an engine that would start the first time and that's precisely what that machine has been doing for almost three decades as long as there was gas in the tank.

Along the way there were seasons with little to clear and monster snow years like presently, but the machine always performed flawlessly except that day, before the age of internet, when it swallowed a fat, Sunday newspaper, but after taking it to the snowblower doctor, it did recover and has been performing like clockwork ever since...

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