Sunday, February 26, 2017

You Tube continuing education

Two days ago, as we were driving down to the airport to pick up our daughter, we bought a pair of replacement wipers at Costco, our favorite store, as the old ones could no longer wipe clean the road salt water.

When I got home I spent at least two hours figuring out how to replace them and soon was on the verge of giving up and returning these two beauties to the store.

I had gone through the ungodly confusing instructions and had looked through a couple of videos that didn't help me one bit, when I landed on this other video, was made for a Honda, but that worked just as fine for my car. In just two minuted the new wipers were snapped into place and I was proud of myself for not giving up.

Thanks one million to You Tube and George Fotinakes, the American author of that video!

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