Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One life and a stream of regrets?

Next to most of the fears we feel and the worry we have, are all the regrets we seem to harbor at one point or another that often make our lives miserable.

If certain forms of fear can be salutary and if worry sometimes acts as a useful reminder to refocusing one's intention, regrets are a total waste of time. Regrets are feelings about bygone events that can't be brought back to life and corrected; they belong to the past and therefore can't be changed, corrected or eliminated.

What they represent needs to be confronted immediately and, if appropriate, turned and stored at once into one's own experience and never be visited again because regrets serve no purpose!

How do I manage my “stable” of regrets? By constantly working at limiting their number in order to annihilate them all.

Each time I kill one, it becomes a a teachable moment that is transcended into practical experience that I keep drawing upon!

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