Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What a difference 1,000 feet make!

Saturday was a miserable, soggy morning day in Park City, with a mixture of rain and huge snow flakes and skiing was the least thinkable activity a sane person would engage into. Yet, my wife pushed me out of my comfort zone and literally forced me out of the house to go skiing.

After braving the frozen mix that was falling down at the base of Park City, I soon was whisked into heaven when I reached 8,000 feet where powder snow was the only currency served to skiers.

I stayed all morning and just before returning to the parking lot, I skied into some untracked “plaster” that was quite a piece of work.
I returned the next day and was treated to great powder at the top and refrozen, cut-out ski runs at the conclusion of my skiing. All this made me think “if only Park City was at 8,000' instead of just 7,000'...”

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