Monday, February 6, 2017

Revisiting Condor Woods

It's been six years since I had not set skis into Condor Woods. If you don't know this area in the Canyons section of Park City, this is what I've called in the past a “schizophrenic” series of tight forested runs in which turns aren't optional, they simply must happen.

These chutes, accessible through three gates are long, challenging, almost impossible to memorize and end up in a natural half-pipe that is nothing else but a snow covered creek bed that offers no exit and forces the user to keep on going without crashing.

Until 2011, I had ventured into that universe from each of the three entry gates but might have ski down them just 4 or 5 times. The day before yesterday, I revisisted them and tested them all, from A to B and C (see map).

Course A is relatively short and leaves too long a section of the dangerous Canis Lupus natural half pipe to travel, increasing risk needlessly. Course B is the most traveled and the most middle-of-the road and C, farther away, is even longer, accesses a shorter dangerous halp-pipe section, but offers better snow.

I didn't ski as fast as I did in 2011, but made each run non-stop, didn't crash and felt like a million dollars. A cheap way to get to a heap of money ; try it !

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