Monday, June 28, 2010

Are my clipless pedal days over?

After skiing came to a close, I didn't miss a beat and moved to mountain biking mode; yesterday was already day three, and that day of rocking and rolling took place at The Canyons in company of my spouse and also my best bike companion. Since I ride down a little faster because of my extra weight and move up quicker thanks to some big thighs, I often stop and wait for her. This Sunday, for some uncanny reasons, I managed to fall several times as my bike almost came to a stop and I remained clipped to the damned pedals and tumbled just like the Saddam Hussein statues did when Baghdad was liberated. This occurred once on the edge of a very steep hill, in which I literally rolled over into a mixture of rocks and bushes and another time, smack in the middle of the track.

Covered with bloody scratches from nose to ankles, holes in my shirt, pants and underpants, my stamina suddenly vaporized and got me thinking about a better way to link feet to pedals. After doing some research, I finally came to the conclusion that considering my age, my increasing frailty and my will to live a long, outdoors life, I needed to get rid of these clipless contraptions and join my spouse in riding “platform” pedals instead. My performance might be less glorious, but my overall safety and longevity will be markedly increased for the good of all of us and the loss of doctors!

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