Friday, June 4, 2010

Managing pain and tough times

There's a silver lining in everything, at least I think there should be, because the presence of some sunny side in adversity makes it so much more bearable. Some sweet words must also be said on the account of the competitive spirit that lay somewhere in all of us. Let me explain; when a mountain climber sees a mountain, he sees path to its top, when an extreme skier observes a couloir, she visualizes how she'll negotiate its most narrow passages. The subtle beauty of difficulties we haven't picked or don't particularly like is that it provides great diversion and constitutes a further test in broadening our skills and deepening our experiences. The challenge turns into a game of skill and another opportunity to measure oneself against what most people think is impossible or just beyond their ability.

That's exactly the way I try to see pain and suffering. It's another challenge that had been placed across my way to test my ability to transcend it and do much better than I would if I acted like the average Joe. I'm no average Joe and to me, this type of personal challenge is like rocket-fuel that will propel me into not only overcoming, but living more intimately with pain and discomfort. I see it a badge of honor or an extra feather in my cap. That's my way of managing the unpleasant side of life; at the very least that is the way I try to approach it. This approach gives me huge strength, makes me tough, is totally me and is what keeps me smiling while I gnash my teeth!

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