Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time to boycott BP, China, Israel?

When politicians fail to do their job or just don't attend to what's the sensible thing to do, it's a pretty clear indication that we ought to follow-up, either as taxpayers, consumers or both. Take the BP oil spill, for instance, it would seem fair to me that if there were a BP gas station in my neighborhood, I'd go the distance if I had to, not to refill with their brand of fuel.
I feel any American, or world citizen for that matter, who's followed the account of British Petroleum incompetence at mopping up its own mess should never patronize that brand until it succeeds at fully exonerating itself of this environmental disaster. Same situation if you happen to be unhappy with China's stance on certain world issues or don't like our lopsided trade balance with that country, just stop buying goods that are made in China until it mollifies its stance on these contentious issues; short of seeing “made in china” on a product or on some foodstuff, you can always tell by the UPC code: All bar codes that start at 690 - 695 are for products made in the People's Republic of China, while 471 is Made in Taiwan.

Same thing with Israel, if you think like me that its attack on the humanitarian flotilla was excessive use of force, simply refrain from buying products carry a UPC code starting with 729. I think it's time to revisit boycott as a mean of supplementing our political class shortcomings; let's begin now!

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