Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seeing the tree from the... house

Ever since we purchased our current home, my wife and I have fought about certain trees and in particular those of the juniper kind (Juniperus scopulorum.) We originally had three of them in front of our residence. The two that were on either sides of the garage door got the ax a long time ago, after I entangled and broke my wife rear-view mirror in backing up a little too close. The remaining tree planted far too close from the facade had grown at a defiant 45 degree angle and never corrected its deviant way. This late winter heavy snow falls made the situation much worse by bringing the angle down to close to 60 degree.
Aside from that, it failed the test of giving us any shade, privacy or abating some noise, making it essentially useless. This is something that my spouse understood from the get go; I simply did not. To me, cutting a tree is something unacceptable, akin to dismembering myself. I just refuse the idea, let alone act on it, except of course in the case of the now defunct junipers standing guard by the garage door. Two days ago, while trimming my lawn, the line got entangled into the holiday garlands that I had left on the tree and the incident made me so mad that I decided to cut that tree in a turn-around that shocked me even more than my wife. This is how most of yesterday was devoted to the falling of that lone conifer, now just a memory for a select few, like you, my spouse and I.

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