Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Too old to fly, too old to legislate?

The passing of Senator Robert Byrd, at 92, but still on the job, is one of these sad situations in which people hang on to their political job for too long and obviously won't let go until death takes them away. Make no mistake, I thought Byrd was a good man, had ideals and was a fighter, but please, give me a break, the man was too hold to cling to power.

Like commercial pilots that must leave the cockpit at 65 (a notable and reasonable improvement over the previous 60 mark), politicians shouldn't be able to be elected after the age of 65, which would mean that, in the case of Senator, the oldest they could hold on to power would be 71. That would leave room for new blood, cut into corruption and give us a better chance to have a political body that's in synch with the times, more energetic and less senile.

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