Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saying vs. doing

We all have great plans, unique ideas and original solutions at one point or another in our life, year, month or even day. Yet, most of them seem to fall flat on their faces as they dry up, untested, untried and unfulfilled. It sadly reminds me of an abortion clinic designed on Ford's assembly line principles. We could have acted on these fine initiatives, but somehow we failed to and we certainly have a lot of great excuses for not turning them into reality. We were just too early, too narrow, too right, to young, too poor or we simply couldn't make them happen because of a person, a family, a company or a government system that got in the way.

Are you impressed by the list of excuses? You definitely should not, and if you are giving that one person who didn't act, the benefit of the doubt, you're dead wrong, because there never is a valid reason for inaction! As a follow-up to that sad state of affairs, I suggest that we reform that paralysis and bring more movement into our lives, let's call that dynamic action instead. That practical passage from thought to deed would be such an innovative concept!

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