Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanging in there

Some of us are already retired, other wish they could do it someday, if possible sooner than later, but many still hang in there, even though they have enough resources set aside for their “golden years.” Yet, they seemed terrorized by the mere idea of embracing a different way of life. So tell me, why do these folks refuse to let go? One reason might be that their current job is their only life and leaving it would be like entering a “big void” and not knowing what to do. Some might experience a hint of “fear of failing” or a lingering apprehension to even learn something new or embrace a new behavior.

Finally, there is a large number that want to hold on to making money they don't really need, maintaining power and dominion over people, thoughts and things. This individual have a craving for being recognized as “big shots” and strongly believing they're irreplaceable. With job so scarce nowadays, wouldn't retiring when one can afford it be the “right thing to do?”

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