Monday, June 14, 2010

Would you trust this politician?

There's only one billboard in Park City. For one month or so, it was featuring a public service ad for preventive screening, with PROSTATE letters taking the whole available space. That singular display was replaced by a political ad, featuring Mel Brown, a republican incumbent running for Utah house district 53, our very own. Not only is Mr. Brown, a republican, which I'm not found of, but he looks really bad; I mean his picture is particularly unflattering and frankly, I'd never vote for someone looking like this. Perhaps it's the “prostate” message that still lingers in the back of my mind. Instead of his face, he should have blown up the elephant, symbol of its party. So, while I still like this guy better than BP's CEO Tony Hayward, I'll vote for his democrat opponent Glenn Wright, I've met him and talked to yesterday as I was walking to town. He looks much, much better. Okay, guys, I was just joking!

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