Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thinking of you...

Without getting into esoteric or spiritual discussions, I wanted to touch on the benefits linked to the mere fact of thinking about someone – in that case, in a positive way – and its beneficial implications for both the thinker and the target of that communication. My instinct tells me it's a good thing, even if the recipient of the good vibes has apparently no way of being aware of what's going on, yet alone detecting it. It certainly does a lot of good for the person who initiates the thought as it's akin of doing a, random and anonymous good deed. This action always make the originator feel good.
Likewise, if the person at the receiving is told that someone is actively thinking (positively) of him, or her, it has to be heartwarming, but the caveat is that someone needs to let that person know about the perpetrated thought. In the absence of ESP or any special talent that still eludes the scientific community, this practice unfortunately remains a one-way street, and in spite of all of its kindness, may remain a moot point. Unless someone can prove that it indeed works; any volunteer?

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