Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Would you live anywhere else?

Every now and again, it's quite healthy to ask ourselves where we would like to live. I'm not advocating wanderlust here, but simply recognizing that some of us like to move around and are, at times, looking for a better place to live, start over or just kick back and enjoy life.

To make it effective, we should add a caveat, that is, pick a place such that if we could never ever leave it, we'd still be happy; this makes the proposition quite potent and strengthen the meaning of the answer. I happen to believe that we ought to regularly ask ourselves that question, just to make sure that we're not at the wrong place, at the wrong time in our existence. I just did it last night – silently – as I was falling asleep. My conclusion was crystal clear. I'm quite happy where I'm at the moment. My own levels of “wanderlust” have stopped poking me around, I guess, and I could live forever in Park City...

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