Thursday, July 21, 2011

The “big house” conspiracy theory

What's the difference between a 2500 and a 5000 sf home? Huge; it's in fact much more than its double size. Its volume or internal capacity can easily triple, which means that you can accumulate much more in the larger version than in the smaller one and adding stuff will cost you a lot, if not a fortune. It will swallow more furniture and generally bigger one too, more artwork, more nick-knack and more toys that are guaranteed to stay hung or stored somewhere – generally out of sight – and never get used. Of course, the credit cards were already crumbling under the weight of all that debt.

Yet, in the roaring 90s and during the first 8 years of the millennium, we've super-sized our homes and filled them with consumer goods. Just like the chins of most of the population, the garages were also tripled, and we've added an extra car, the kitchen huge and we've multiplied the number of dishwashers, brought in professional stoves that never get us and cavernous refrigerators.

Real estate brokers were part of the conspiracy too by declaring that a small home would never resell and mortgage lenders gave away the farm to make more jumbo loans. Today, these behemoths sit unsold and no one wants them as they've become the postal children of what was politically incorrect during these crazy years. So now you understand why I believe there was a real “conspiracy” between realtors, lenders and people trying to sell more to a country suffering already of consuming indigestion...

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